Mei Menuchot Series


Rabbi Nachman Kahana is the author of the Mei Menuchot series; explanations of the Tosefot commentaries which includes the volumes listed below.

In celebration of his 50th Aliyah Anniversary and the blessings that life in Israel has brought him, Rabbi Kahana has decided to make available *free of charge* electronic versions of Mei Menuchot, which represents 40 years of his Torah work (leather-bound copies can still be purchased below). Sign up to receive E-mail updates as new volumes become available.


Volume #1

Volume #2 Pessachim (download PDF version (8 MB) | view as Web Page)

Volume #3 Rosh HaShana and Suka

Volume #4 Yuma

Volume #5 Yevamot, Part 2

Volume #6 Ketuvot, Part 1

Volume #7 Gitin

Volume #8

Volume #9 Bava Kama, Part 1

Volume #10 Bava Metzia, Part 1

Volume #11 Bava Metzia, Part 2

Volume #12 Shevuot

Volume #13 Shabbat Chapter 1, Sanhedrin Chapter 1, Zevachim Chapter 5, Chulin Chapter 7

Volume #14 Bava Batra, Part 1


Volume #1 Tractate Berachot and Chapter HaMafkid

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