Yerushalayim Gallery

  • The Kotel © Tehillah Hessler
  • The Churva Synagogue in the Old City of Yerushalayim © Tehillah Hessler
  • IDF Soldiers outside Machon Roni Women's Torah Institute, Old City Yerushalayim © Tehillah Hessler
  • Yerushalayim © Tehillah Hessler
  • Chazon Yechezkel, Young Israel Synagogue, Old City Yerushalayim © Tehillah Hessler
  • The Kotel in the Old City Of Yerushalayim © SeanPavonePhoto -
  • Pillars of Temple Mount (Har Ha-Bayit) in Old City of Jerusalem © Aleksandar Todorovic -
  • Second Temple model © flik47 -
  • Tower of David in Yerushalayim © Aleksandar Todorovic -
  • The Mount of Olives in Yerushalayim © jukovskyy -
  • Evening at the Kotel © Aleksandar Todorovic -

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