With All Your Might

With All Your Might Volume 1A & 1B

The Torah of Eretz Yisrael in the Weekly Parashah
by Nachman Kahana

With All Your Might cover

Based on Rabbi Kahana’s weekly parasha and holiday messages of the past several years, the title is taken from the verse in the kriyat shema prayer (see introduction below for explanation). The major thrust is to show that the Torah was given to the Jewish people to be kept in Eretz Yisrael, and that the 2000-year-old punishment of exile has ended.

Great effort has been invested in producing an esthetically-pleasing Torah work whose profound ideas are clearly and easily conveyed. The hardcover, two-volume edition – Bereshiet-Shemot and Vayikra-Bamidbar-Devarim, contain over 900 pages.

Approbation by Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold, shlita
Founding Rabbi Kehilat Zichron Yoseph, Har Nof
Dean Avrom Silver Jerusalem College for Adults

“Rabbi Kahana’s message is presented through the medium of beautiful and brilliant Torah insights on Parshat Hashavua, that are oftimes simply startling in their depth and creativity.

We are the generation that has merited to be the beneficiaries of Hashem’s great gift to His people — Medinat Yisrael. Rabbi Kahana calls on Jews everywhere to rise to the challenge.”


Bereshiet 5767
The return to Eretz Yisrael should have been led by the greatest rabbanic leaders, marching at the front of a mass movement of loyal Torah Jews; just as rabbis lead when a new sefer torah is placed in the holy ark. How much more so when HaShem returns the holy people of Israel to the holy ark of Eretz Yisrael.

Bereshiet 5768
There is no prophecy in chutz la’aretz, for prophecy emanates in Eretz Yisrael and terminates at the gates of the Holy Land; just as those who stood outside the ohel moed could not hear the thunder of the Torah beyond the thin walls of the tent.

Bereshiet 5769
The Book of Shoftim (Judges chapter 7) relates that HaShem commanded Gideon to bring his army of ten thousand to a river bed, and there reduce the number significantly through a test. Those who will draw the water up to their lips will be suited to be in the army of HaShem; those who will bow to drink the water will be rejected.

HaShem is bringing the Jewish communities in galut to the river bed of their future. Many will prostrate themselves before the reality of their lives and remain there; but there will be some who will take their future into their hands and return to the Promised Land.

Excerpts from the INTRODUCTION

The title is taken from a verse we recite three times a day in the Kriat Shema declaration of acceptance of our special role as God’s chosen people (Devarim 6:5):

“One day I came upon my close friend, Reb Aryeh, who was crying. ‘Are you crying because of tomorrow’s inspection?’, I asked. Reb Aryeh replied that sadness overcame him because tomorrow will be Sukkot and ‘…we don’t have a sukkah to sit in, nor the four species to hold (lulav, etrog, hadassim and aravot)’. The following morning Reb Aryeh came to me with a happy look. He cried out ‘Thank HaShem, we have a sukkah and the four species to hold. I thought Reb Aryeh was losing his mind. ‘Where are we to get a sukkah and the four species in this hell-hole?’, I asked. Then Reb Aryeh took my hand and said very slowly, as a teacher would to his student, ‘The Gemara says that one of the reasons for sitting in a sukkah is to recall the clouds which covered the Jewish camp in the desert. Look! A cloud is covering our camp. It is the cloud of smoke ascending right over us from the crematoria. We shall sit under that cloud and it will be our sukkah. And the Midrash states that the four species parallel the major organs of the body. The etrog represents the heart; the lulav the spine; the hadassim the eyes and the aravot the lips. So I will hold you and you will hold me and we will fulfill the mitzva of the four species while under the cloud of the crematoria.’ That day Reb Aryeh was taken away to the gas chamber.” This is to love HaShem “with all your might”.


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