with_all_your_mightThe Talmudic Commentaries Foundation is proud to announce that Rabbi Nachman Kahana’s new book, “With All Your Might,” is now in print. The title is taken from the verse in the kriyat shema prayer and the book is based on Rabbi Kahana’s weekly parasha and holiday messages of the past several years.

With All Your Might” will be available b’ezrat HaShem in the next few weeks. The major thrust is to demonstrate that the Torah was given to the Jewish people to be kept in Eretz Yisrael, and that the 2000-year-old punishment of exile has ended. (Read excerpts and more about the book.)

Great effort has been invested in producing an esthetically-pleasing Torah work whose profound ideas are clearly and easily conveyed. The hardcover, two-volume edition – Bereshiet-Shemot and Vayikra-Bamidbar-Devarim, contains over 900 pages.