BS”D Parashat Va’et’chanan Shabbat Nachamu 5781
Rabbi Nachman Kahana

A World Without Aisav


Deadly Flooding in Germany

A Berlin newspaper: “Following a day of frantic rescue efforts and orders to evacuate towns rapidly filling with water unloosed by violent storms, the German authorities said late Thursday that after confirming scores of deaths, they were unable to account for at least 1,300 people.

That staggering figure was announced after swift-moving water from swollen rivers surged through cities and villages in two western German states, where the death toll passed 90 on Friday in the hardest-hit regions and other fatalities were expected.

With communication badly hampered, the authorities were hoping that the missing people were safe, if unreachable. But the storms and the floods have already proved deadly.”


A Childhood Memory

I was born one year, three months and 16 days before the outbreak of World War II.

At my birth there were about 18 million Jews in the world; when I entered grade one in 1944, there were 12 million! Six million of our people had been murdered in the Shoah, including a million and a half Jewish children just like me.

Despite my young age, I was very aware of what was happening. My brother Meir HY”D was an avid collector of news items. He would cut out relevant articles from the daily papers and paste them in a scrapbook album. When it was filled, he would place the album in a suitcase and start the next one. Very often he would read or tell me what was happening in the war against the Jewish nation. As the years rolled on, I was better prepared to appreciate to what extent we had suffered and what could have happened to us all had Germany not been defeated.



On the Ninth of Menachem Av, I sat on the tayelet (promenade) in Talpiot overlooking the Temple Mount, while reciting Kinot.

My book of Kinot included lamentations composed by rabbis who had experienced the Shoah and tried to convey what was perpetrated against our people at the hands of the Aisavic-Amalek Germans and their allies all over Europe.

They described the boundless sadistic cruelty. Like beasts in a wild frenzy attacking herds of timid sheep; they tore from limb-to-limb millions of our brothers and sisters; men, women and children in frenetic hate.

The fortunate were murdered immediately by shooting; others were forced to dig their own graves and were buried alive, the less fortunate had to live on. Buried alive, tortured in insane sadistic manners beyond the imagination of even the Satan.

Hundreds of thousands, even millions, were shipped to the murder camps in rail cars not fit for animals. They were unable to sit because of the crowding, in unbearable summer heat and the paralyzing European winter cold. At the camps they were herded out of the rail cars with whips and bludgeons in front of savage hungry dogs. The hand movement to the left meant the gas chambers and crematoria; to the right meant body-breaking work, disease, and medical experiments. Stripped naked, hair cut off, and gold removed from their teeth to enrich the lusts of their tormentors in Berlin, London, Basel and the wealthy, “aristocratic” first families of America, as recorded in history books.

As I sat overlooking the Temple Mount on the 73rd year of Medinat Yisrael, the morning news came to my mind regarding the Germans who died by the torrential rains; equal to about three minutes in Treblinka.

I felt no remorse for them. On the contrary I thought as I have done many times before, where is HaShem, the Master of justice and holy revenge, to bring some semblance of satisfaction for the remaining victims. What? Only 1300 Germans are estimated to die in the floods? Why not 6 million to begin with?

And then the pasuk from Ovadya (1,21) came to my mind:

כא: ועלו מושעים בהר ציון לשפט את הר עשו והיתה לה’ המלוכה

The deliverers (redeemers) will rise up on the Mountain of Zion to judge the Mountain of Aisav, and then the kingdom will be HaShem’s.

Meaning: when the great day of judgement arrives, it will not be the revenge of an individual Jew to his specific tormentor, or a natural event as heavy rainfall killing 1000 people. It will be the entire Jewish nation, sons of Ya’akov, who dwell in Mount Zion – Medinat Yisrael, who will devour all the sons of Aisav. And the world without Aisav will admit that HaShem is the Creator, the Holy One Blessed Be He, who has chosen the Jewish nation to be His favored possession.

Those who rise up on the Mountain of Zion will be under the flag of Medinat Yisrael, the messenger of Hashem to the world. And the Mountain of Aisav are the Christian nations of Europe, beginning with Portugal to the west continuing with Spain, England, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and all the rest who have red in their national flag (the symbol of Aisav) down to and including Russian Siberia.

Germany is not Aisav; they are but one limb of the diseased and infectious body of Aisav. How will it evolve that miniscule (in area and population) Medinat Yisrael will bring down the largest Jewish cemetery in the world, called Europe? We have difficulty interpreting hind-sight history much less “future-sight”; so, no one can predict how it will happen; but it surely will. Medinat Yisrael by some twist of history, with HaShem pulling the strings, will be responsible for the destruction of the descendants of Aisav on an international scale.

As the Prophet Ovadya verse 18 states:

‘והיה בית יעקב אש ובית יוסף להבה ובית עשו לקש ודלקו בהם ואכלום ולא יהיה שריד לבית עשו כי ה

And Ya’akov will be a fire and Yosef a flame; Aisav will be stubble, and they will set him on fire and destroy him.

There will be no survivors from Aisav. HaShem has spoken.


Don’t be confused or befuddled by the fact that the Europeans of today are not the murderers of yesterday. HaShem knows the evil thoughts of men. The German, and Pole and all the former allies of the destroyed Third Reich are the children and grandchildren of the murderers of yesterday, and they will be the murderers of tomorrow. One does not become more moral by losing a war.

So, as I overlooked Mount Zion (the Temple Mount) I saw in my mind’s eye a beautiful new world whose center is the Third Temple of HaShem, HaShem’s answer to the Third Reich. It will be a world where the evil doers of all sorts will not be participants.

Shabbat Shalom,

Nachman Kahana

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