Shavuot 5774

BS”D Chag HaShevu’ot 5774

Rabbi Nachman Kahana

If you ever saw the faces of a professional basketball or football team after losing a league game, you saw a merger of disappointment, frustration and anger. If that pro team would ever lose to a middle ranking high school team, the coach would be released on the spot and the players would be the laughing stock of sports for all time.

Could one imagine that the Holy One Blessed Be He, the omnipotent Creator of heaven and earth could lose to lowly man and even rejoice over his “failure”?

But it did happen!

The Gemara (Bava Metzia 59b) records a heated argument in the great Sanhedrin between Rabbi Eliezer and Rabbi Yehoshua regarding the halachic status of a certain stove.

Each rabbi brought proofs to vindicate his position, but to no avail, as they reached an halachic impasse.

At this point, Rabbi Eliezer proclaimed that if he is correct, let this carob tree uproot itself and it should move to another place, which it did.

Rabbi Yehoshua was undaunted, and responded by saying, “Halachic decisions are not reached through trees, but by the principles set down in the Orah Torah by HaShem.

At this point Rabbi Eliezer said, “If I am correct then let the water in the canal flow upstream,” which it did.

Rabbi Yehoshua responded, “Halachic decisions are not reached through the flow of water, but by the principles set down in the Orah Torah by HaShem.

Rabbi Eliezer then proclaimed, “If I am correct, let a heavenly voice be heard in the yeshiva to that effect – and a voice was heard saying, “Rabbi Eliezer is correct”.

Rabbi Yehoshua countered with the awesome statement “lo bashamayim he” – The moment HaShem gave us the Torah at Mount Sinai, it is no longer in HaShem’s realm to decide Halachic issue, but in the sole domain of the rabbis of the Sanhedrin by majority vote”.

The Gemara then relates that Rabbi Natan met the prophet Eliyahu and asked, “What was the Almighty doing when this discussion was taking place?” Eliyahu replied, “HaShem was smiling, and said ‘My sons have triumphed over me, my sons have triumphed over me’”.

For thousands of years, an ongoing tug-of-war has been raging between the Almighty and us – his holy children of Israel. HaShem has been trying very hard to distance Himself. To hide His face from us, showing his displeasure even inflicting physical and psychological pain on us.

But we refuse to be rejected. No form of exile, torture, pogrom, inquisition, blood libels, gas chambers and crematoria could convince us that HaShem really intends to reject us.

And now in the closing days of this sad chapter in Jewish history, when the final redemption of the chosen people has begun, we can prove to the Almighty that in the contest between us – we have won.

Just look at the facts on this eve of the Holiday of receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai.

There are over 400 yeshivot for full time adult study in Israel.

70 yeshivot hesder, 20 pre-army mechinot and many Torah institutions for women. Yeshiva high schools and over 150 kollels for retirees all over the country.

In over 1000 synagogues there are daily classes of Torah, not mention the army and kibbutzim.

Below is a partial list of the Torah study institutions in Eretz Yisrael.

  • Ahavat Israel Hesder Yeshiva
  • Diaspora Yeshiva
  • Yeshivat Har Etzion
  • HaYeshiva HaGehova Hebrew
  • Heichal HaTorah Tzion
  • Israel Torah Research Institute
  • Jerusalem College of Technology
  • Maale Efraim Hesder Yeshiva
  • Machon Benayah Yeshiva
  • Machon Meir Hebrew
  • Merkaz Herzog Center
  • Mechina Bnei David Eli
  • Mechina Keshet Yehuda
  • Mechina Kyriat Malachi
  • Mechina Magen Shaul
  • Mechina Maayan Baruch
  • Mechina Nachshon Negev
  • Shaanan College for Education
  • Yeshiva Ateret Cohanim
  • Yeshiva Ayelet of Eilat
  • Yeshiva Bat Ayin
  • Yeshiva Beit Orot
  • Yeshiva Bnei Akiva
  • Yeshiva Chemdat Yehuda
  • Yeshiva Darkei HaTorah
  • Yeshiva Gedolah Ramat Shlomo
  • Yeshiva Gush EtZion
  • Yeshiva Hadras Yerushalaym
  • Yeshiva HaGolan
  • Yeshiva Har Hamor
  • Yeshiva Hesder Akko
  • Yeshiva Hesder Holon
  • Yeshiva Hesder Karnei Shomron
  • Yeshiva Hesder Nahariya
  • Yeshiva Hesder Maale Efraim
  • Yeshiva Hesder Sderot
  • Yeshiva Hesder Ramat Gan
  • Yeshiva Kefar HaRoe
  • Yeshiva Kehillat Yaakov
  • Yeshiva Kyriat Malachi
  • Yeshiva Kyriat Moshe
  • Yeshiva Ner Yaakov
  • Yeshiva Neve Aretz
  • Yeshiva Neve Dekalim
  • Yeshiva Maale Gilboa Hebrew
  • Yeshiva Ma’alot
  • Yeshiva Mercaz HaRav
  • Yeshiva Or Tzion Hebrew
  • Yeshiva Or Vishua Hebrew
  • Yeshiva Otniel Hebrew
  • Yeshiva Petach Tikva
  • Yeshiva Rehovot
  • Yeshiva Rishon Le Tzion
  • Yeshiva Shaalvim Hebrew
  • Yeshiva Shalom Rav
  • Yeshiva Tekoa Hebrew
  • Yeshiva Torah Nachal
  • Yeshiva Torah Manhiga
  • Yeshiva Torah Shraga
  • Yeshiva Tzurba Merabanan

Torah study institutions with special programs for English speakers

  • Aderes HaTorah Yeshiva
  • Ahavas Chaim Yeshiva
  • Aish HaTorah Yeshiva
  • Aliyos Shmuel Yeshiva
  • Bircas HaTorah Yeshiva
  • Bnei Chayil Yeshiva
  • Darche Noam Shapell’s
  • Derech Eitz Chaim Yeshiva
  • Eretz Hemdah Institute
  • HaYeshiva HaGevoha English
  • Kerem be Yahvne
  • Kollel Chivas Yerushalaym
  • Machon Meir English
  • Machon Shlomo
  • Machon Yaakov
  • Mayanot English
  • Mechina Beit Israel
  • Mechina Chemdat Yehuda
  • Mechina Echannaton
  • Mechina Elisha Yeshiva
  • Mechina Yeud Yeshiva
  • Nahal Haredi Neztah Yehuda
  • Nachal Novea Kollel Tzfat
  • Lander Institute Jerusalem
  • Leadership Yeshiva Academy
  • Lifshitz College Jerusalem
  • Ohr Somayach, Jerusalem
  • Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies
  • Schechter Jewish Institute
  • Tiferes Zvi Institutions
  • The Tzomet Institute
  • Yeshiva Ateret Yerushalayim
  • Yeshiva Bais Yisroel
  • Yeshiva Beit Horot Har HaZeitim
  • Yeshiva Beit Yosef English
  • Yeshiva Birkat Moshe English
  • Yeshiva Breslev, Bnei Brak
  • Yeshiva Chabad of Tzfat
  • Yeshiva Chazon Nahum
  • Yeshiva Chernoyl English
  • Yeshiva Derech HaTalmud
  • Yeshiva Dvar Yerushalayim
  • Yeshiva Eretz HaTzvi
  • Yeshiva HaKotel
  • Yeshiva Har Bracha
  • Yeshiva Heichal HaTorah
  • Yeshiva Hesder Tefahot
  • Yeshiva Hesder Yerucham
  • Yeshiva High School of Sussya
  • Yeshiva Kaf HaHaim
  • Yeshiva Kiryat Shemona
  • Yeshiva Maale Gilboa English
  • Yeshiva Maalot English
  • Yeshiva Marbeh Torah
  • Yeshiva Hesder Sderot
  • Yeshiva Midrash Shmuel
  • Yeshiva Netiv Aryeh
  • Yeshiva Nesivos Ahron
  • Yeshiva Netivot Chaim, Bnai Brak
  • Yeshiva Lev Aryeh
  • Yeshiva Lev Aharon
  • Yeshiva Lev HaTorah
  • Yeshiva Lomdei Torah
  • Yeshiva Or Avraham
  • Yeshiva Or David
  • Yeshiva Or Tmimim
  • Yeshiva Or Tzion English
  • Yeshiva Or Vishua English
  • Yeshiva Or Yerushalaym
  • Yeshiva Otniel English
  • Yeshiva Petah Tikvah English
  • Yeshiva Reishit Center
  • Yeshiva Ruach Chaim
  • Yeshiva Shaalvim English
  • Yeshiva Shaare Chaim
  • Yeshiva Sha’arei Mevaseret Zion
  • Yeshiva Shalom Rav
  • Yeshiva Shalom Tzat
  • Yeshiva Shaavei Hevron
  • Yeshiva Simchat Shlomo
  • Yeshiva Sulam Yaakov
  • Yeshiva Tekoa English
  • Yeshiva Teminei Derech
  • Yeshiva Tiferet Yerushalayim
  • Yeshiva Torat Shraga
  • Yeshiva Torat Yosef HaMivtar
  • Yeshiva Yashlatz
  • Yeshiva Yesod Hatorah
  • Yeshiva Yesodei Hatorah
  • Yeshiva Yishrei Lev
  • Yeshiva Zichron Dovid
  • Yeshivas Neveh Zion

Israel Midrashas

  • Baer Miriam Center
  • Beit Chana, Tzfat
  • Beit Midrash Migdal Oz
  • Beth Oloth, Jerusalem
  • Beth Jacob Jerusalem
  • Bnos Chana, Beit Shemesh
  • Bnot Torah Institute, Jerusalem
  • Emunah College of Education
  • Emunah Torah Art
  • Eshel Sephardic Women’s Seminary
  • Eyaht College for Women
  • Igud HaMidrashot
  • Midrasha Shirat Devora
  • Neve Hadassah for Women
  • Neve Yerushalaym College
  • Nishmat, Jewish Center for Women
  • Maatan HaSharon
  • Machal Michlalah
  • Machon Alte Chabad
  • Machon Maayan Program
  • Machon Roni, Jerusalem
  • Machon Shoshanat Yerushalaym
  • Machon Tal, Givat Shaul, Jerusalem
  • Maayanot Sem
  • Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalaym
  • Midrasha Bar Ilan Advanced Torah Studies
  • Midrasha Efrata
  • Midrasha Michlalah
  • Midrasha Talpiot
  • Midreshet Akko
  • Midreshet Amit
  • Midreshet Aviv
  • Midreshet Shirat Hevron
  • Midreshet Bat Tzion
  • Midreshet Berot Bat Ayin
  • Midreshet Binat
  • Midreshet Devora Center
  • Midreshet Ein Ha Natziv
  • Midreshet Emunah
  • Midreshet HaRova
  • Midreshet Hebron
  • Midreshet Moriah
  • Midreshet Lindenbaum
  • Midreshet Rachel Shapell’s
  • Midreshet Shuva
  • Midreshet Tel Hai
  • Midreshet Tehilla, Yerushalaym
  • Midreshet Tzvia, Yerushalaym
  • Midreshet Yeud, Jerusalem
  • Ohr Chaya Center, Jerusalem
  • Orot HaGalil College
  • Pelech School Jerusalem
  • Pninim Kiryat Moshe
  • Shaanan Academic Religious Teachers’ College
  • Sharei Bina Women’s Center
  • Shalvim Midrasha for Women
  • Shearim College for Women
  • Shoshanat Yerushalaym
  • Tiferet Center Beit Shemesh
  • Tomer Devorah Seminary
  • Torah Academy for Girls
  • Torah Reva Yerushalaym

Israel, Hebrew Schools

  • Ace Academic Center
  • Beit Margalit Hebrew School
  • Democratic School of Hadera
  • Keren HaYeled Hebrew School
  • Kindergarten Gan Yehudit
  • Nachal Novea Mekor Chochma
  • Neve Shmuel Boys High School
  • Makor Ha Tikvah Hebrew School
  • Shalom Hartman Hebrew School
  • Shvut Rachel Hebrew School
  • Talmud Torah Magen Avot
  • Talmud Torah Pinsk Karlin
  • Talmud Torah Rav Pealim
  • Talmud Torah Torat Olam
  • Talmud Torah Yakov Yosef
  • Talmud Torah Ziv HaTorah
  • Torah Academy of Jerusalem
  • Yeshiva Ketana Kiryat Breslev


Eretz Yisrael today is the Torah capital of the world in quantity and quality. The production of new Torah works is at the rate of more than one a day. Never since the time of King Chizkiyahu was Torah so wide spread among the non-yeshiva population as it is now.

Israel is a Torah empire,and forever growing stronger.

In the final analysis, HaShem is smiling, and saying, “My sons have triumphed over me, my sons have triumphed over me. I have no choice but to bring about their final redemption”.

Chag Shevuot samayach

Nachman Kahana

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