Rabbi Nachman Kahana

Tshuva, Murder, House of Cards & Noah’s Ark

As we draw closer to Rosh HaShana, the tsunami of words we have been subjected to in the past year from all sources, retreat into the background of our subconscious to give space for our minds and hearts to inculcate and integrate into strategies and tactics for the coming year.

What do we want in the coming year? What do we expect from ourselves? What do we expect from others? And what do we expect from the Creator who is just waiting to fulfill our every wish?

In this spirit of consolidation and contraction, I would like to summarize the major points made in these weekly writings in the past year.


1- Tshuva in this generation is not the irrational hope that the 10-11 million halachic Jews left in the world, including the 70% who are intermarried in the United States, will clean out the bacon and shrimp from the refrigerator in favor of glatt kosher chickens.

Tshuva as the word means is to return. To return in a “big way”. To return to who we are – to our roots.

Our roots begin in Eretz Yisrael. The call to tshuva from the many pulpits in the galut this Rosh HaShana will be sterile, hollow, empty, hypocritical and ineffectual if there is no call for the immediate return to Eretz Yisrael.


2- If we have learned anything from the Shoah, it is that when goyim enter into a frenzy of murder towards other goyim, it is no place for Jews to be. Europe, the US, China, North Korea, the Arab states, the majority of the world in effect, is drawing dangerously close to that point of frenzy. The time to come home is now!


3- “Life in these United States” will never again be what it was. American society is as frail as a house of cards. It can all fall apart very quickly. Too quickly to escape.


4- The blessings of HaShem are upon His people in the Holy Land in every area of human endeavor, despite the bad neighborhood we live in.

Israel is the Noah’s Ark in this final era preceding the advent of the Mashiach. Remember! As in the time of Noah, when it began to rain, it was too late. The door had been already sealed.


Ketiva Va’chatima Tova

Shabbat Shalom,

Nachman Kahana

Copyright © 5775/2015 Nachman Kahana

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