BS”D Parashat Ki Tisa – Purim 5777

Rabbi Nachman Kahana



Yoel Chaim (Jared Kushner) informs his wife Yael (Ivanka): “Abu Mazen (Machmud Abbas) has just sealed a deal with Hamas in the south, and Hezbollah in Lebanon to attack Israel and murder all the Jews – men women and children – on one specific day, and the only one who can prevent it is you!”

Yael is desperate. She tells Yoel Chaim to secretly request all the Jews in the world to fast three days and pray for her success.

On the third day, she enters the Oval Office, uninvited by her father, and sits near him while signaling the staff to leave the room.

“Daddy,” she says, “the time has come for you to make the biggest deal of your life. To bring peace between the Israelis and the Arabs. Invite Abu Mazen to a sumptuous dinner at the White House, which I will prepare for the three of us: you, the President of the United States, Abu Mazen, chairman of Fatah and me. We will work out the best deal between the main course of chulent and the desert of hamantashen and coffee”.

The President calls Abu Mazen (which he did yesterday on Shabbat) and invites him to come immediately to the White House for a great dinner. Abu Mazen is delirious with joy in the knowledge that of all the Arab leaders he is the only one who will be joining the Trump family for the great party.

He arrives the following day and is immediately ushered into the grand dining room where he is met by the President. The President takes his hand and pats him warmly on the shoulder with the warm greeting, “How are you doing Mazzy, have a seat”.

After two bottles of wine are devoured (although Moslems don’t drink when others are looking), Yael (Ivanka) suddenly breaks out in tears, and cries, “Daddy do you love me?”

“Do I love you? You and your family – husband and children – are the dearest things to me”.

Yael then replies, “If you love me then save me and my fellow Jews from certain death!”

The president is aghast. “Who would harm you and the Jewish people?” Yael points an accusing finger at Mazzy and says “the evil Abu Mazen”. “The Holocaust denier who has treacherously closed a deal with Hamas and Hezbollah to attack the State of Israel and murder every Jew there”.

The President is crimson with fury. He calls out to the secret service agents, “take this man and hang him from the flag pole on the south lawn for all to see what happens to anyone who threatens the Jewish people”.


Dear reader; by now you must be saying to yourself that such a scenario could never happen in a million years; and you would be right! However, it did happen 2400 years ago, in Persia, despite the fact that the chances of it happening then were as minute as the chance of it happening this week or next when Mazzy comes to Washington.

But who knows?


The Meaning of Goyishe Kop

The proverbial “Yiddishe kop” (a Jewish head) denotes eminent Jewish intelligence as distinguished from “Goyishe kop” (gentile head) which denotes limited intelligence, bordering on stupidity.

Indeed a “Yiddishe kop” is an undeniable truism; however, the term “Goyishe kop” is not accurate; for there were and are great gentile thinkers who possess creative minds in every walk of life. So, what does a “Goyishe kop” mean?

If after four millennia of humanity’s witnessing the Jewish people and our miraculous history, including our present day return to Eretz Yisrael after 2000 years of galut (where we have experienced many situations like Purim) the goyim have still not figured out the two most fundamental principles that rule the reality of our existence. They deserve the soubriquet “Goyishe kop” because they don’t realize: 1- that there is an intelligent Creator of all that exists who is continually involved in human affairs, whom we call HaShem (God), and 2-that HaShem singled out the Jewish people to be His eternal chosen nation to the exclusion of all others. An eternal covenant was formed between the Creator and the Jewish nation, which was sealed when we willingly accepted HaShem’s kingship as expressed through the 613 mitzvot of the Torah.

Many Goyim may be geniuses at physics, math, etc. but their inability or unwillingness to accept the fact of that we are HaShem’s chosen people makes them deserving of the soubriquet “goishe kop”.

We are witnessing a repeat of the original Purim miracle. Today’s Iran was yesterday’s Persia; Haman of the Megillah has been replaced by Iran’s Khamenei.

Their nuclear weapons project is intended to destroy the Medina in one day; but that saga will end with Iran being replaced by a huge crater situated between Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Those who curse Israel shall be cursed” (Beraishiet 12,3)


“No weapon that is formed against Israel shall see success” (Yeshayahu 54,17)


“I will bless them that bless you, and him that curses you will I curse: and because of you shall all the families of the earth be blessed.” (Beraishiet 12:1-3)


Shabbat Shalom and Purim Samayach,

Nachman Kahana

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