BS”D Parashat Devarim 5775

Rabbi Nachman Kahana

What is the Agenda?


While writing my autobiography it quickly became obvious that there are myriads of facts and incidents which for a variety of reasons I could not put into the book. In many cases, these omissions distorted the matter at hand causing many stimulating incidents to lose their interest and were subsequently omitted from the book.

It also became clear to me that this is certainly the case with all history books where many, if not most, actions or non-actions by the major personalities were motivated by humdrum prosaic reasons; such as an upset stomach, toothache or an eye-lash which was stuck in the eye, which the authors of these works could not have had an inkling.

So much more so when historical personalities did not want their motives to be known in order to be politically correct or for personal interests. So the real history of human events are recorded only in the Heavens to be revealed on the great day of judgement.

There is a growing feeling of discomfit among Israelis and many good people in the world regarding President Obama’s immutable obsession of signing an agreement with Iran. And despite the dramatic, humanistic rhetoric, the obsession is very obvious also among Obama’s partners in the deal: The European Union, England, France, Germany and China.

They all know that the Iranians cannot be trusted, just as the Iranians themselves know that they are energized by fanatical Islam, which sanctions and even advocates lying, stealing and murder in order to advance the interest of Islam inc.

All of those who were involved in the deliberations involved knew that behind the facade of diplomatic smiles there were unsurmountable differences of race, religion, national interests and whatever else keeps people apart. Yet they are signing, even blindfolded, since they don’t care what the little letters say, because they all have a shared, unspoken agenda which will not appear in the history text books or in doctorate dissertations.

What is that agenda?


Innate Evil Nature or Dire Stupidity?


The book of Beraishit covers a period of 2218 years from the creation of Adam to Ya’akov and his family’s descent into Egypt. Shemot a bit over 210 years. Vayikra’s time frame is inconclusive because the presentation of all the halachot therein could have covered weeks or months. Bamidbar covers 38 years. Devarim covers 37 days from the first of Shevat to Moshe’s day of departure from this world on the 7th of Adar; 120 years from the day of his birth.

The book of Devarim is Moshe’s departing speech to the nation.

Moshe stood and surveyed the millions of Jews before him and recalled all that had transpired in order to turn a ragtag group of downtrodden slaves into the greatest and holiest nation the world has ever seen, all in a period of 40 years.

Moshe loved and respected the Jewish people, despite the frustrations and heartache they caused him.

At one point in the Jewish nation’s sojourn in the desert, HaShem came very close to destroying them with the intention of continuing the Jewish nation through Moshe’s offspring, until Moshe refused to cooperate.

The most telltale feelings of Moshe towards the Jewish nation are condensed in a single verse in this week’s parasha (1,11), when Moshe says:


ה’ א-להי אבותכם יסף עליכם ככם אלף פעמים ויברך אתכם כאשר דבר לכם


May the Lord, the God of your fathers, increase you a thousand times and bless you as He has promised!


Moshe’s greatest challenge when first charged by HaShem to lead the nation was to harness the Jewish people’s fierce independent nature and ingrained intelligence and to direct it towards the service of HaShem and Halachic discipline. The lone tool at his deposal was “yir’at shamayim”, awe and fear of HaShem.

The difficulty was, and still is, the Jewish people’s ongoing tug-of-war between our inborn Jewish intellect vs the metaphysical demands of HaShem’s higher logic as depicted in the Torah.

This ongoing challenge is succinctly articulated by Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa in Pirkei Avot (3,9):


כל שיראת חטאו קודמת לחכמתו חכמתו מתקיימת וכל שחכמתו קודמת ליראת חטאו אין חכמתו מתקיימת


One whose fear of sinning overrides his (human) wisdom, his wisdom will endure; one whose wisdom overrides his fear of sinning, his wisdom will not endure.


As stated, the points of confrontation within the eternal Jewish nation are the directives of our intellectual thought vs. their suppression to the spiritual dictates of yir’at shamayim.

The Christian descendants of Aisav and the Moslem descendants of Yishmael also have their competing compulsions, although theirs are very different than ours.

After so many years of their tampering with Hashem’s world, we can define their competing compulsions as their irresistible evil impulses on the one side, vying with their stupidity on the other, which have produced the world in which we are living in today.

What is it that prevents even the most intelligent among them from realizing that the Jewish nation is favored by the Creator, and in no way, shape or form can the world’s nations, individually or in concert, destroy us. Indeed, every attempt to do so has resulted in the annihilation of the aggressor. Yet each generation brings forward another goy to try his luck, either because of his innate evil nature or dire stupidity.

From time immemorial, the mightiest of Aisav’s and Yishmael’s descendants have tried to defeat the Jewish nation only to find themselves as a page or footnote in our people’s history books or an exhibition in our museums.

The names of legendary kings and generals, of whole civilizations and cultures, are no more than lines etched in cuniform or hieroglyphic, in Akkadian, Elamite, Hittite, Sumerian, while the Jew is as alive and fresh and vigorous as in the days when Avraham lived in the Holy Land.

Egypt, Philistine, Aram, Assyria, Babylonia, Persia, Greece, Rome, Byzantine, Christian Crusaders, Spain, Pogroms of Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, Germany, Arabs. They all tried in their way to rid the world of the immovable entity called the “Jewish Nation,” but to no avail.

The people now occupying the area of Egypt are Arabs, not Egyptians. Jordanians are not the ancient Moabites or Edomites. The goyim in Italy are not the Romans, and the people in Athens today are not of the ancient Greeks. The Goyim activating the centrifuges in Iran are not the descendants of the Persians.

The only people who have survived the ravages of time and history are the Jews, and we have miraculously returned to our ancient homeland after 2000 years of exile, as envisioned by our prophets.

Not to see, to appreciate, and bend your head before the historical wonder called the “Jew” can only be attributed to an evil heart or a stupid mind.

The Christian nations of Europe and the United States have contrived together artfully, surreptitiously, cunningly, deviously, and manipulatively to elegantly rid the world of the Jewish State. This is the unarticulated, but fully understood, motive behind the deal made with the willing Iranians which will not appear in history books.

The Christian hypocritical culture and religion wishes to continue its facade of liberalism and morality and they have “fortunately” found a willing proxy to do their dirty work. Sign with the Iranians while looking the other way as the Iranians continue in their stampede to develop nuclear weapons and the platforms for delivery to destroy the Jewish State.

That’s what it’s all about.

From time immemorial major decisions of Aisav and Yishmael were based on money, power and hatred of the Jew – in equal quantities.

Obama is the Christian West’s dream come true. He is an Islamic who has subordinated the interest of the United States in the cause of hygienically ridding the world of the Jewish nation and its religion.

The above might seem to the reader to be unreal, even paranoid. But it is based on Chazal’s opinion of the gentile world.

Firstly, the Torah states regarding people in general (Beraishiet 8,21)

כי יצר לב האדם רע מנערי…

The inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood.


HaShem sent Moshe Rabbeinu to be His emissary to bring 613 mitzvot to HaShem’s chosen people – the Jews, and 7 Noachide mitzvot to the gentiles to override the “the inclinations of the evil human heart”.

The Gemara (Avoda Zara 3a) states that the gentiles with their free will so disappointed the Creator that He reduced the rewards which were initially meant for a gentile who fulfills his obligations.

In conclusion: The downward spiraling US situation was recently summarized by an expert with a one-liner: “It’s the economy – stupid – the economy”.

The present downward spiraling events of the US, Europe and the Moslem peoples can be summarized as: “It’s anti-Semitism – stupid – anti-Semitism”.

To summarize: The descendants of Aisav (Europe and the US) have taken an evil and stupid risk in the hope that the Iranians and their satellites will finish for them what Hitler was unable to do.

But herein lies the future redemption of the Jewish nation by HaShem, who has proven again and again that He is the expert in turning desperately bad situations for His chosen people into days of joy, feasting and offering, thanks to our Father- in-Heaven.


Shabbat Shalom,

Nachman Kahana

Copyright © 5775/2015 Nachman Kahana

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