Become a Builder of Yerushalayim

Dear Friends,

As a beneficiary of Rav Nachman Kahana’s weekly divrei Torah on the parsha, we hope you appreciate the mission of his shul, Chazon Yechezkiel – Young Israel of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Founded by Rav Nachman nearly thirty years ago, Chazon Yechezkiel’s presence has allowed Jewish life to return and flourish in the Moslem Quarter, which before the Arab pogroms in the 1930’s was the center of Jewish life in the Old City.

Because of Chazon Yechezkiel, Jews now walk freely and safely in this area and over 70 Jewish families currently make their home there.


Chazon Yechezkiel, corner of El Wad HaGai & Via Dolorosa, Old City Yerushalayim


Before Chazon Yechezkiel was established, the northern area of the Old City was Judenrein. True “kibbush” means the restoration of Jewish life to a place. Serving as a Jewish anchor, Chazon Yechezkiel ensures that we will continue to reclaim the churvot of Yerushalayim and restore Jewish life to all of Yerushalyim.

At a time when the Gentile world is challenging the right of the Jewish people to live in our ancestral capital, Chazon Yechezkiel’s mission becomes ever more vital to our claim and hold on Yerushalyim.

Tefillot (prayer services) are held on Shabbat and holydays. Torah is learned in our Kollel daily. The hundreds of children of the seventy resident families use the services of our library every weekday. The library features the most current books and computers, and is staffed by a professional librarian. In addition, Chazon Yechezkiel provides assistance to the needy residents, enabling them to continue to man the front lines on behalf of all of us.

At this critical time, we are now reaching out to you to ask you to partner with us in continuing this holy work. A combination of an aging building that requires increasing maintenance plus the continued devaluation of the dollar with respect to the skekel has made it necessary to turn to you now for your assistance.

Your generous tax-deductible financial support will place you among the Builders of Yerushalayim and strengthen our defense of our holy capital against those who seek to tear it from our hands.

The underlying message of Rav Nachman’s divrei Torah is one of Am Yisrael reclaiming Jewish life in Eretz Yisrael. Those who are not yet privileged to live full time in our Holy land, can at least join together and strengthen our brothers and sisters on the front lines, who daily stake our claim for Yerushalayim for all of us.

On behalf of Rav Nachman, we thank you in advance for your generous gift and chizuk. L’shana ha’baah B’yerushalyim Ha’atikah – Next year in the ancient Jewish city of Jerusalem!

In the USA contributions by check can be sent to:

co Mr and Mrs Irwin Gelbart
3499 Harold Street
Oceanside NY 11572
(IRS number 11-2571452)

In Israel contributions by check can be sent to:
POB 7938
(Receipt will be mailed for tax deduction purposes)


Michael J. Elman, M.D. – Chairperson Aura Wolfe – Sisterhood