Anti-Semites, Bacon & Churches – The ABC of what is happening now

An incident:

About 15 or so years ago, a young Chinese woman entered the Chazon Yechezkel bet knesset on Shabbat where I was the rabbi. The following Shabbat she returned, as well as the next. At this point I approached her wanting to learn who she was and what brought her here?

She told me that she was born in central China, in an area where 1000 years ago many Jews lived, and she had come to learn about Judaism. A few weeks later she applied for conversion. While waiting for the process to begin, she returned to visit her parents in China. I received an e-mail from her that her Chinese passport had expired and had been confiscated. The problem was that her entrance visa back to Israel was stamped in her passport so she could not return. She informed me that the Israeli Embassy and consulates have a strict rule that a Chinese person can speak only to an uncooperative Chinese clerk, so she had no way to return, and asked for my help.

As her “adopted” rabbi, I decided to make one try. I went to the ministry of the Interior where I received the number 110 on the waiting line. I had no patience for this and decided to make a desperate try. I went to the administrative sector where I passed several uninspiring titles of officials on the doors, until I reached the door of the assistant head of the department. Now without an appointment no one has a chance of entering the “holy of holies” of such a high official; but “why not?”, I said to myself. I gently knocked on the door and a female voice said “lavo” (come in). I opened the door and very respectfully asked if I could speak with her, while preparing myself for an indignant rejection. But lo and behold she invited me to sit down, not a small miracle thus far. I explained why I had come and gave her the name of the Chinese woman. She opened the computer and found the relevant file.

Then the assistant head of the department surprised me with her reply: Rav Kahana; I am not as religious as you. But tell me, aren’t there more than enough goyim in the country that you want to bring in another one?

Truthfully, I couldn’t have agreed with her more. I thought for a moment before replying. I said to myself that I could answer “but my shiksa is different” or some other foolish remark, so I answered, “Geveret (madam) I will accept any decision you make”. She thought a moment or two and then said that she would send her a new visa. I thanked her and left, astounded by what had happened.

A few weeks later the Chinese woman appeared in the bet knesset, looking very happy. The story could have ended here but something else happened. I was never really sure regarding this young lady. Her conversion was successful. She met a Jew from America and they married in the Plaza Hotel in Yerushalayim. One of the guests was the wife of the Chinese ambassador to Israel!

What did that mean? In any event, she left Israel with her new husband never to be seen again.

The point in this story is what the official said to me, “Rav Kahana, aren’t there more than enough goyim in the country that you want to bring in another one?”

In the tiny space that we occupy on this planet, we already have too many non-Jews, as I pointed out last week. In addition to the millions of Arabs, there are about 400 thousand goyim from Russia and Ukraine who are not interested in becoming Jews after entering Israel under the clause in the Law of Return that one has the right, like a real Jew, if you have at least one Jewish grandparent.

As it appears now, we are about to witness a mass invasion into our country by Ukrainian goyim who neither have Jewish parents or grandparents. Many thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, will pass through the holy gates of the Ben Gurion airport and remain here because the inferiority complex of our secular ministers require them to prove to the world that we are the most humanitarian nation, even to the point of religious, cultural and national suicide.

I recall that prior to the demise of the Soviet Union and the large influx of immigrant gentiles, there was one single butcher shop in Yerushalayim that sold chazir (pork). It was on Rechov Ramban, “Chaim’s Butcher Store”. Today there are many such stores in Yerushalayim and in cities where these goyim live.

They are for the most part church goers. So, the number of churches which have grown in the country will increase even more when these new Ukrainians arrive.

Here you have the ABCs of this situation: many are Anti-Semites; they devour chazir (Bacon) and are connected with the Churches they established.

There are 50 countries with Moslem majorities and over 20 with Christian majorities: but only one single very small country with a Jewish majority – Medinat Yisrael

Are we really so stupid? It seems that one who leaves the Torah also loses clarity of thought.

But the story doesn’t end here.

These Ukrainians will receive housing, jobs, and money from the government; frills which are intended for our brother and sister Jews when they leave the galut to come home. Ukrainian gentiles can go to almost any country in Europe, but they prefer to come to Israel, while millions of galut Jews turn their backs on HaShem’s holy land!

However, this situation is temporary. History has proven time and again that Jews who cling to the galut will, at some point, be forced to pack all their worldly possessions into a small suitcase and make a run for the borders. Some will “make it”, most will not!

Shabbat Shalom
Nachman Kahana
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