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Groups of people in Tehran attended a demonstration to condemn the US hostile policies and mark the anniversary of the American Embassy takeover back in 1979

Ki Tisa 5781

Why is the present American administration, in concert with major Christian countries of Western Europe, continuing the ways of the bad old Obama days? They are running amok to appease the deranged and despicable ayatollahs of Iran; the ones who shout “death to America” whenever a camera appears.

Megillat Esther

Purim 5781

The Gemara in Megillah 14:a states that Esther argued before the rabbis that the episode of Purim deserved to be recorded in the Tanach. The rabbis initially denied her request, relying on a verse that is understood to mean that victory over Amalek is to be mentioned only three times in the Tanach. Is there a discrepancy – and if so how will that play out with respect to geula?

Terumah 5781

Parashat Terumah relates the minute details of the construction of the Mishkan and serves as “coming attractions” of the three Batei Mikdash in Yerushalayim, built by King Shlomo, Ezra the Scribe and Hordus (Herod), and the future Bet HaMikdash which will, b’ezrat Hashem, be built in our time.

Much like a cinema that shows “coming attractions,” Megillat Esther serves as “coming attractions” for the final days when HaShem will perform the final miracles in the redemption process of the Jewish people.

Mishpatim 5781

We of Am Yisrael, who have merited to return home, are experiencing five national challenges that are fraught with menacing perils and risks. R. Chiya taught that the way of Jewish redemption can be likened to darkest night followed at first by a dim light that continues to gain more and more momentum.

Yitro 5781

I often receive letters from Chareidi yeshiva circles in galut criticizing my emphasis on aliya to Eretz Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael. The critical points in these letters are the government and secular facets of our life in the Medina.

I have an abundant quantity of patience, but it is running thin, so I would like to reply to these critics of our holy land.

Be’shalach 5781

Judging by the list of questionable characters appointed to sensitive positions in the Biden administration, it is quite evident that, just as Esav’s agenda did not include the welfare of his brother Ya’akov, the US agenda does not include the security of the Jewish state. The US under the Democratic Party is no longer willing or even able to continue their big brother role of recent years. So, this places Israel in the awkward position of having to find another “big brother”.

US Ambassador David Friedman

Bo 5781

Several years and several ambassadors ago, I was invited to speak at a function together with the US Ambassador, the topic was “Land for Peace”. He reiterated the US policy of Israel withdrawing from Shomron and Yehuda in return for peace; meaning withdrawing from the heartland of Eretz Yisrael in return for a promise of peace. Not worth the piece of paper it would be written on. Conversely, over the last four years, we have had the unique privilege of having the honorable Mr. David Friedman as the US Ambassador to our country.

Va’aira 5781

People experience traumatic episodes with various physiological and psychological repercussions. Memories of some become relegated to a dark area of the subconscious never to re-appear again in one’s window of consciousness. Others, like those who went through the atrocities of the Shoah, are forever engraved in their consciousness. A third type emerges from time to time from the subconscious to one’s consciousness brought about by association with other thoughts.

One of mine resurfaced last week…

A Sinking Statue Of Liberty, Usa, Collapse, Armageddon

Shemot 5781

The people of the US are on the brink of civil discordance and anarchy which could quickly lead to civil war. There are many Blacks who would think nothing of fomenting a holocaust against the “privileged” Whites, and many Whites who would be happy to do so for the Blacks. But both sides would not hesitate to do so against the Jews who will be drawn into the strife because they are there.

In circumstances like these, it is every thinking person for himself. Once the genie of hate emerges from its bottle, there will be no way to return it to oblivion.

Shema Israel

Vayechi 5781

“She’ma Yisrael” is the most quoted verse in the Torah, having been recited hundreds of million times since its revelation at Mount Sinai. There are many ways to understand these six words:

Listen (hearken, be attentive) Yisrael, the Lord our God the Lord is one.

I would like to deal with two meanings: one of which has to do with our parasha – Vayechi.

Time has run out

Vayigash 5781

It is a fundamental law of creation that HaShem does not coerce people into doing things, because free will is a basic component of humanity. Nevertheless, HaShem lets His will be known by creating situations which cause rational people to make requisite choices.

The sands of time for freedom of choice are running out.

Mikeitz-Chanuka  5781

Chanuka is essentially the holiday of Kohanim. The rebellion was started by the Kohanic family of Mattityayu, son of Yochnan the Kohen Gadol and ended with Kohanim restoring the Bet Hamikdash to its purity and to their divine service.

Kohanim more than any single group have played prominent roles in our history. Chazal say that the forefathers were Kohanim.

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Reflections from Yerushalayim by Rabbi Nachman Kahana

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With All Your Might Volume 1
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With All Your Might Volume 2

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