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BS”D Parashat Bamidbar 5783

In modern terms our DNA is Yehadut (Judaism) – Divine National Attributes; without the Torah we drift apart until assimilation. HaShem often intervenes in Jewish history by bringing forth miracles beyond the laws of nature and physics. On erev Shabbat of this week we will be celebrating the 56th year of the most shocking and unexpected miracle that HaShem has bestowed on His beloved nation in Eretz Yisrael.

If I forget Yerushalayim


Our efforts as a society need to be committed not merely to survival but to “flourishing” in every way. We here are preparing the way for the physical exodus from foreign lands, and spiritual exodus from foreign cultures and beliefs.

BS”D Parashiot Acharai-Kedoshim & Yom HaAtzmaut 5783

In Yeshayahu 66:12-13, the prophet cites the word comfort three times in one verse. If each comfort relates to restoring our presence in the holy land and in its spiritual center of Yerushalayim on three different occasions, what are the differences between these three historical episodes of redemption and comfort?

BS”D Pesach 5783

Just as HaShem destroys the “Angel of Death” in the song, father jumps up and gathers the family in a circle and they break out in a frenzy of song — L’shana ha’ba’a Be’Yerushalayim — “Next year in Jerusalem”, mama collapses!

BS”D Book & Parashat of Vayikra 5783

We are alarmed at the threats of some veteran pilots to refuse to volunteer for duty as necessary reserve pilots because of their opposition to the right-wing religious government. They have the right to choose to serve or not to serve as reserve pilots, but…

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BS”D Parshiot Vayakhel and Pekudai 5783

We are experiencing a period of social challenge that’s a replay of the frenzied dance around the Golden Calf, while the Levites fought to protect the Torah we had just received from the Creator Himself!

In the end, HaShem’s method of social-political centrifugation will separate the deniers from the believers – the Pendulum ride will end.

BS”D Parashat Ki Tisa-Purim 5783

During the many years when I had the unique zechut to serve as the rav of the Chazon Yechezkel bet knesset in the Old City, I had the opportunity to meet and help people who were being challenged in their personal lives. I would like to bring two incidents from which all of us can gleam a bit of understanding.

BS”D Parashat Tetzaveh 5783

People rarely have time for a good heart-to-heart talk with themselves. The time for deep introspection is now. You can begin with 3 important questions…

BS”D Parashat Truma – Chodesh Adar 5783

Just as the advent of the (Hebrew) month of Av ushers in a period of diminishing joy, so too the advent of the month of Adar ushers in a period of increasing joy.

BS”D Parashat Mishpatim 5783

What is really going on in the dispute over judicial reform in Israel?

BS”D Parashat Yitro 5783

What was the significance of Mount Sinai for the Created World?
Who wants a life raft?
Is Judaism a Success Story?

Egyptian clothing

BS”D Parshiot Bo-Be’shalach 5783

In the days before emancipation, the Egyptians presented the Jews with gifts of gold and silver and clothing: the Jews treasured the clothing most. Why?

Books by Rabbi Nachman Kahana

Reflections from Yerushalayim

Reflections from Yerushalayim by Rabbi Nachman Kahana

Thoughts on the Torah, the Land and the Nation of Israel

Described as an engaging and uplifting adventure of the spirit, bringing a vital message for the Jewish people, by Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold, Reflections from Yerushalayim is a compilation of original philosophic and hashkafic perspectives, ideas and opinions that Rabbi Kahana has gleaned during his many years in Israel. [Read more…]

Mei Menuchot Series

Mei Menuchot

Explanations of the Tosefot Commentaries

Rabbi Nachman Kahana is the author of the Mei Menuchot series and in celebration of his 50th Aliyah Anniversary in 2009, and the blessings that life in Israel has brought him, Rabbi Kahana made available *free of charge* these electronic versions of Mei Menuchot, which represents 40 years of his Torah work. [Read more…]

With All Your Might Volume 1

With All Your Might Volume 1
Volumes 1A & 1B

Based on Rabbi Kahana’s weekly parasha and holiday messages of the past several years, the title is taken from the verse in the kriyat shema prayer (see introduction below for explanation). The major thrust is to show that the Torah was given to the Jewish people to be kept in Eretz Yisrael, and that the 2000-year-old punishment of exile has ended. [Read more…]

With All Your Might Volume 2

With All Your Might Volume 2

On the Torah

“For Rabbi Kahana, a chacham, a Kohein, and a navi, is kol ku’lo Eretz Yisrael, his entire essence is the Land of Israel, and the embodiment of our sages’ adage, “Whoever resides in the Land of Israel is likened to one who has a God” (Ketubot 110:b). Indeed, the reader will find that studying Rabbi Kahana’s Torah is truly to see the Torah through the pure, unadulterated eyes of Eretz Yisrael.” Rabbi Chaim Richman [Read more…]

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